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Takshak Telecom Provide Tele-Communication service team provides designing, implementation and commissioning services for the telecom operators (mobile operators and service provider) throughout the country, specializing in Electrical and BTS installation.Takshak in the recent past has joined hands with Indian.

Telecom Companies to expedite the deployment and to use the local resources under the expertise of our Engineers and to take up the works immediately. We are interested in commissioning and installation services for any kind of Telecom Operator, Vendor or Service provider (Government, Private or multinational) in large scale at agreeable terms and conditions of the customers. We can see through Customer requirements, and supply the skills that can help achieve goals. Our Engineers can work as a part of a Customer�s team to do the initial Network Designs, Implementation Planning, Site Surveys and Layouts, Deployment and Monitoring and Maintenance. We can deploy experts for New Project rollout or expansion/overlay of existing set-up, Optimize the existing set-up to meet your Performance Objectives.

Project Management Services

Takshak Telecom Project Management Services (PMS) as a specialized service that provides its clients end-to-end project management services encompassing the entire life cycle of telecom infrastructure implementation � starting from site survey to site integration. Takshak's Project Management helps complete compliance and ensures that all issues are strictly managed and controlled to the required specifications. In addition Takshak's Project Management Services also includes supply of skilled manpower for Project Management activities on time and expenses basis.

Takshak's PMS teams are extremely focused on complying with the safety and environment aspects of the project.

BTS Installation

Takshak Telecom also provide the service of BTS installation and BTS maintinance.Takshak group provide services in BTS installation and maitinance are:

  • Radio Power Management
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Measurement for RF feeder cables.
  • Verification and correction of Connectorization of RF / IF cables.
  • Validation of antenna orientations and corrections if required.
  • Preventive Maintenance services as per the SLA / SOW.
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • DG servicing, AC servicing and Over Hauling in accordance with the specification by OEM / Customer.
  • Break down Maintenance like tracking of Alarms for site outages and link failures.
  • Diesel filling according to the BEET PLAN to ensure the availability of HSD in the DG tank.

R F (Radio Frequency) Survey

The ultimate goal of a RF site survey by Takshak Group is to acquire ample information to determine the number and placement of access points that allows optimal coverage throughout the facility.

DT (Drive Test)

Drive Test is conducted for checking coverage criteria of a cell site with RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool as Log files is analyzed to evaluate various RF parameters of the network.

  • Drive Route and Site Data for the sites to be driven is taken from customer.
  • Drive Test LOG File of the specified Drive Route / Site is saved and the same will be handed over to customer at the end of the day.
  • DT Resource identify routine field optimization issues like cable swapping, missing neighbors etc., and rectify the same with the help of the customer.
  • Optimization is carried out in the network to:

    • Minimize the call drop and RF interference in the network.
    • Increase the indoor & outdoor coverage and better speech quality.

Manpower Outsourcing

Takshak Telecom through its group entity Aapt Consultants, is dedicated to helping you find the right people to fill your requirements. We identify qualified candidates whose skills match the specific disciplines you require. Whether your needs are temporary, short-term or permanent, Mynd Solutions has highly motivated professionals to accomplish your goals.

  • Flexibility in hiring
  • Cost and time saving in hiring process
  • No permanent liability of people.
  • Availability of experts for short duration / project related work.
  • Availability of large resume data bank. Statutory obligations such as provident fund, gratuity, bonus, maternity benefits, professional tax, etc. are no longer a client's responsibility.