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Outsourcing Services

Takshak Telecom Pvt Ltd offer services that take your application or process from conception to realization. Neversoft helps you analyze your business, establish your priorities, design your system, outsource its implementation, manage its development, and sequence its deployment. We oversee the entire process to ensure that it is delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner.The benifits to user...

Radio Frequency Resources

Takshak Telecom offers RF Optimization Services for existing/new GSM and CDMA network operators. This service is performed as a continuous RF engineering activity for preventive maintenance. It ensures optimum network performance to meet the Quality of Service (QoS) targets of the customer.

Operation And Resources

The lowering of the overall cost of the service to the business. This will involve reducing the scope, defining quality levels, re-pricing, re-negotiation, and cost re-structuring. Access to lower cost economies through offshoring called "labor arbitrage" generated by the wage gap between industrialized and developing nations.

MW Link Resources

The Takshak Telecom provides of LOS(Line of Site) survey is to have MW(Microwave) connectivity between the two sites to ascertain the Line of Site clearance. The LOS survey is carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for acquisition. The survey is highly critical because any failure in LOS can lead to a delay in project and a subsequent loss on account.

Cost Restructuring

Operating leverage is a measure that compares fixed costs to variable costs. Outsourcing changes the balance of this ratio by offering a move from fixed to variable cost and also by making variable costs more predictable.